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Exam Results > Kerala SSLC 2015 Question papers and Study Materials

Kerala SSLC 2015 Question papers and Study Materials


Kerala SSLC 2015 Examianation will start on March 2015. Students who appear on Kerala SSLC Exam need Kerala SSLC 2015 Question papers. Here are some links to the study materials and previous year question papers with answers to help Kerala SSLC 2015 Students


Kerala SSLC 2015 Question papers for All Subjects

The Question Banks are prepared by various DIETS all over kerala and some schools from various districts in kerala. These questions will guide the students to a right direction and make confident to attend SSLC 2015 without any problem. Download LInks and given below. kerala-sslc-2015-question-papers

SCERT First Term Question Bank (2011)

Question paper for All Subjects

Trivandrum : Part 1 | Part 2 (thanks to Govind Kalamachal)

Kollam (Fullpack) : STD X | STD IX (thanks to Mahatma, Kollam) Part 1 (thanks to Suresh. T, SN Trusts HSS, Punalur)

Kottayam : Part I (Thanks to Vijayakumar M.D,Govt.THS, Kanjirappally)

Idukki Full Pack (Both Mediums): STD X | STD IX ‌| STD VIII (Thanks to Rajeev Joseph,St.Philomena’s HS, Upputhara)

Ernakulam : All in one (Uploaded by Hari, Maths Blog)

Thrissur : STD X | STD IX (Thanks to Sathya Bhama. V.S, GHSS, Punkunnam)

Palakkad : Part 1 (Thanks to Manuchandran, PSHS Chittur) | Part 2 (Thanks to M.G Geetha, HSA (Phy. science), Patasala Sanskrit HS, Chittur)

Kozhikode : Malayalam Medium | Part 2 | English Medium (Thanks to Suresh Babu Edakkudi, CKGM HSS, Chingapuram)

Wayanad : STD X (Thanks to Sathyendran.K, GHSS Koyileri)

Malappuram : STD X | STD IX (Thanks to Unnikrishnan VHSS Valanchery)

Kannur : All in One (English Medium) | (Malayalam Medium)(Thanks to Teena Titus)

Subject Question papers
8, 9, 10 AT, BT Malayalam Kasaragod (Thanks to Ramesan Punnathiriyin, GHSS, Shiriya)

8, 9, 10 English A compilation of Second Terminal Exam Questions (Thanks to Tom Thomas, LFHS, Vadakara, Koothattukulam)

Kollam (Thanks to Suresh. T, SN Trusts HSS, Punalur)

Malappuram X (Thanks to Zainul Abideen Kodi, VPKMM HSS, Malappuram)

Pathanamthitta (Thanks to Renjith.N, Padmanabhodayam HSS,Mezhuveli)


Kollam (Thanks to Rajesh Hari, GHSS, Thevannoor)

Alappuzha (Thanks to Ashok kumar)

Malappuram (Thanks to Abdul Razak.P)

Social Science

Palakkad (Thanks to Manuchandran, PSHS Chittur)


Wayanad (Thanks to Sathyendran K)

Palakkad (Thanks to Hitha Kottayi)

Kasaragod (Thanks to Babu Jacob, TIHSS Naimarmoola)

Kollam (Thanks to R Anil Kumar, HS for Girls, Thevalakara)


Alappuzha (Thanks to Sajith.T, GHSS Cherthala South)

Trivandrum (thanks to Govind kalamachal.) Kollam(thanks to Vineethakumari. K. S, Govt. MGHSS, Chadayamangalam) & thanks to John Varghese, HM, SNSMHSS, Elampalloor, Kundara Pathanamthitta (Thanks to Gigi Varughese, St.Thomas HSS, Eruvellipra) Alappuzha (Thanks to Surendran Nair, Therumthanam) Kottayam (Thanks to Vijayakumar M.D,Govt.THS, Kanjirappally) Idukki (Thanks to Dolly P. Francis, SAHS, Vandanmedu) Ernakulam (Uploaded by Hari, Maths Blog) Thrissur (Thanks to Sreejith Mupliyam) Palakkad (Thanks to Muraleedharan C.R, Chalissery) Malappuram (Thanks to G.Muraleedharan Pillai, GHSS, Karakunnu) Kozhikode (Thanks to Sreejith, Kozhikode) Wayanad (Thanks to Muraleedharan Chathoth) Kannur (Thanks to Teena Titus) Kasaragod (Thanks to Babu Jacob, TIHSS Naimarmoola)

Answer Key for District wise Question Paper
Kasaragod Physics (Thanks to Babu Jacob, TIHSS Naimarmoola) Palakkad Physics (Thanks to Hitha Kottayi) Wayanad Physics (Thanks to Sathyendran K) Wayanad Maths (Thanks to C V Francis, Sarvodaya HSS, Eachome P O, Wayanad) Palakkad Maths (Thanks to Hitha Kottayi) Kozhikod Maths (Thanks to Arjun Vijayan, Kottayam) STD VIII & IX Maths Kozhikode (Thanks to Jose Thomas) STD IX Idukki – English & SS (Thanks to Rajeev Joseph,St.Philomena’s HS, Upputhara) U.P Maths Kozhikode (Thanks to Thomas V. T)

Download SSLC 2012 Worksheets (Niravu Project from Alappuzha District Panchayat)

Link to Download Kerala S.S.L.C. NIRAVU 2012


English Question Papers and Study Materials

Std.X -Revision Test Series Questions – CLICK HERE
Std.X -Revision Test Series Answers – CLICK HERE
A Language Test – CLICK HERE

Parvathy Venkiteswaran,H.S.A. English (Rtd.), Samooham H.S., North Paravur

SSLC-2013 – Tips to prepare profile-diary-notice-letter etc.

Question paper for a test from Std.X – Unit III

Johnson T.P,HSA (English),CMS HS, Mundiappally, Thiruvalla,Member for English SRG

SSLC English – Unit I – Notes of Night of the Scorpion and Once Upon a Time By Justin Philip, Pulinkunnu, Alappuzha — SSLC English Notes Unit I – Chapter 1- Father’s Help Unit II Chapter 2 – The Blue Bouquet

Ramachandran K., HSA English, CHMHSS Pookolathur Malappuram —

SSLC English – Units II & III Some Questions and Answers

SSLC English – Unit V – Balthazar’s Marvellous Afternoon – Summary SSLC English – Unit I – Father’s Help,Games at Twilight and The Blue Bouquet – Possible questions and answers SSLC English – Unit IV Chapter 3 Cactus – Questions and Answers SSLC English – Interpreting Italo Calvino’s “The Man who Shouted Teresa”

Palakkad District Panchayat – Vijayasree Module for Std.X English

Link to Download Kerala S.S.L.C. NIRAVU 2012


Sample Questions prepared by K.J.Shibu Kallada, GGHSS Balussery, Kozhikkode Sample Question English Aug.2011 Std.X How to prepare comprehension questions from the newspapers we read…

2012 Christmas English Question Papers – 13000 Downloads (Eng. only)

Kollam ( Suresh T., H.S.A. Eng., S.N. Trust’s HSS Punalur) Stds. 8 , 9 and 10
Pathanamthitta ( Suresh T., H.S.A. Eng., S.N. Trust’s HSS Punalur)
Alappuzha (Special thanks to Mathew Mullamchira) Std. 10
Idukki (Rajeev Joseph, H.S.A. Eng., St.Philomena’s H.S.Upputhara)
Ernakulam (Harikumar K.G Maths Blog Team Member) Std. 10Thrissur ( Courtesy to mathsblog)
Palakkad ( Courtesy to mathsblog) Std. 10
Wayanad (Rajeev Joseph, H.S.A. Eng., St.Philomena’s H.S.Upputhara added from mathsblog) Std. 10
Kozhikkode (Reji Nirappel, Koorachundu) Std. 8, 9 & 10
Kannur (Teena Titus) Std. 10

Phrasal Verbs and 101 examples of Onomatopoeia SSLC English – Ensure 4 marks in SSLC – Phrasal Verbs   Std. X Unit III Chapter II Tea-shops in Malayalam

‘TEA-SHOPS IN MALAYALAM CINEMA’ SLIDESHOW WITH MOV… More Helpfull documents from sahapaadi. The pdf is attached in google Doc   These are the study materials collected from various websites and Documents. There may be missing links or non downloadable content. If any thing found unusual please Report All the errors. Download Study materials for SSLC 2015 Examination.

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