Kerala SSLC School Wise results Kottayam District 2019


Kerala SSLC School Wise results Kottayam District 2019: Kerala SSLC School wise results 2019 are released on 6th May 2019.  Students can get their SSLC results on the official websites now. KITE (Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education) releases the school wise result on their official website. Kerala SSLC School Wise results Kottayam District 2019 are given below.


Kerala SSLC School Wise results Kottayam District 2019

Kerala SSLC School wise Results Kottayam District 2019 are given below. School codes of the schools are also given in the table.

Kerala SSLC School Wise results Kottayam District 2019

Kerala SSLC School wise Result Pala District 2019

SlnoSchool CodeSchool NameSchool TypeAppearedEHSResult PercentageDistrictEdu.District
131087St. Mary's G H S S PalaA244244100KottayamPalai
231040Holy Cross H S S CherpunkalA194194100KottayamPalai
331038N S S H S S KidangoorA152152100KottayamPalai
431039St. Mary's H S S KidangoorA149149100KottayamPalai
531080St. Joseph's H S S VilakkumadomA143143100KottayamPalai
631049H.C. H S S ThellakomU121121100KottayamPalai
731058O.L.L. H S S UzhavoorA111111100KottayamPalai
831067St. Sebastian's Higher Secondary School, KadanadA111111100KottayamPalai
931065St. Augustine's H S S RamapuramA110110100KottayamPalai
1031066SH Girls H S RamapuramA101101100KottayamPalai
1131077St. Mary's H S S BharananganamA100100100KottayamPalai
1231070St. John's H S KurumannuA9797100KottayamPalai
1331075St. Antony's H S S PlassanalA9696100KottayamPalai
1431079K T J M H S IdamattomA8585100KottayamPalai
1531037St. Paul's Girls H S VettimukalA8181100KottayamPalai
1631068St. Joseph's H S ManathoorA7575100KottayamPalai
1731083St. John Nephumsian's H S S KozhuvanalA7575100KottayamPalai
1831044Amayannoor H.SA7070100KottayamPalai
1931060St. Thomas H S MarangattupillyA6868100KottayamPalai
2031035S K V Govt. H S S NeendoorG6666100KottayamPalai
2131078St Michael's H S S PravithanamA6565100KottayamPalai
2231041St. Thomas Girls H S PunnathuraA6464100KottayamPalai
2331043St. Sebastian's H S AyarkunnamA6363100KottayamPalai
2431074Alphonsa Girls H S VakakkadA5858100KottayamPalai
2531081St. Antony's H S MutholyA5151100KottayamPalai
2631082St. Joseph's G H S MutholyA5050100KottayamPalai
2731062St. Joseph's H S KudakkachiraA4141100KottayamPalai
2831069St. Joseph's E M H S NeeloorU4040100KottayamPalai
2931090Government Model Residential School EttumanoorG3131100KottayamPalai
3031055Holy Cross H S MonippallyA3030100KottayamPalai
3131071M D C M S H S ErumapramattomA3030100KottayamPalai
3231073C M S H S S MelukavuA2525100KottayamPalai
3331088St. Vincent English Medium H S S PalaU2323100KottayamPalai
3431089Shree Vidyadhiraja E M H S EttumanoorU2121100KottayamPalai
3531042St. Joseph's H S PunnathuraA1919100KottayamPalai
3631036Govt. H S for Girls EttumanoorG1818100KottayamPalai
3731061St. Antony's H S KadaplamattomA1818100KottayamPalai
3831056Govt. H S S PuthuvelyG1616100KottayamPalai
3931064Govt. H S S EdakkolyG1616100KottayamPalai
4031063S V N S S H S EdanadA1515100KottayamPalai
4131057VM V H S S Veliyannoor A1414100KottayamPalai
4231072C M S H S MechalA1414100KottayamPalai
4331048Mangalam E M R H S S EttumanoorU1212100KottayamPalai
4431085St. Thomas H S S PalaA14614599.32KottayamPalai
4531076S.H.G.H.S. BharananganamA14414399.31KottayamPalai
4631059Sreekrishna V H S S , KurichithanamA15715598.73KottayamPalai
4731084N S S H S KezhuvamkulamA515098.04KottayamPalai
4831086MAHATMA GANDHI GOVT H S S PALAG423788.1KottayamPalai
4931047Govt. V H S S EttumanoorG191578.95KottayamPalai

Kerala SSLC School wise Result Kanjirappalli District 2019

SlnoSchool CodeSchool NameSchool TypeAppearedEHSResult PercentageDistrictEdu.District
132048St. Teresa's Girls H S, NedumkunnamA221221100KottayamKanjirappalli
232052S R V N S S V H S S, ChirakkadavuA162162100KottayamKanjirappalli
332041St. George's H S ManimalaA153153100KottayamKanjirappalli
432011J J Murphy Memorial H S S YendayarA151151100KottayamKanjirappalli
532005LF H S ChemmalamattomA137137100KottayamKanjirappalli
632015St. Mary's H S S TeekoyA115115100KottayamKanjirappalli
732019St. Paul's H S ValiakumaramangalamA9999100KottayamKanjirappalli
832009Muslim H S S KangazhaA9292100KottayamKanjirappalli
932031A. K. J. M H S S KanjirappallyU8181100KottayamKanjirappalli
1032043Holy Family H S InchianiA6464100KottayamKanjirappalli
1132039N S S Girls H S KarukachalA5555100KottayamKanjirappalli
1232040C M S H S NedungadappallyA5555100KottayamKanjirappalli
1332022St. Augustine's H S PeringulamA5252100KottayamKanjirappalli
1432006D B H S KangazhaA5252100KottayamKanjirappalli
1532002SMG H S ChennadA5151100KottayamKanjirappalli
1632010Govt. H S S ThazhathuvadakaraG4848100KottayamKanjirappalli
1732007Baselios HSS, DevagiriU2727100KottayamKanjirappalli
1832074MYCA English Medium HS KanjirapallyU2424100KottayamKanjirappalli
1932047Govt. H S S NedumkunnamG2222100KottayamKanjirappalli
2032057Govt. V H S S ThidanadG2222100KottayamKanjirappalli
2132050Govt. H S S EdakunnamG1919100KottayamKanjirappalli
2232072G.H.S. KappadG1919100KottayamKanjirappalli
2332034R V Govt. V H S S ChenappadyG1818100KottayamKanjirappalli
2432070Govt Tribal High School KombukuthyG1414100KottayamKanjirappalli
2532023Thiruvalluvar H S MuttappallyA1313100KottayamKanjirappalli
2632016M G P N S S H S ThalanadA1111100KottayamKanjirappalli
2732051Govt. V H S S PonkunnamG1111100KottayamKanjirappalli
2832017Govt. H S AdukkomG1010100KottayamKanjirappalli
2932073GHS KoovakkavuG99100KottayamKanjirappalli
3032071G.H.S. PanakkachiraG99100KottayamKanjirappalli
3132067SVV EMHS PonkunnamU88100KottayamKanjirappalli
3232003Muslim Girls H S S ErattupettaA22322299.55KottayamKanjirappalli
3332046St. John The Baptist's H S S, NedumkunnamA18818799.47KottayamKanjirappalli
3432035St. Mary's Girls H S , KanjirappallyA17217199.42KottayamKanjirappalli
3532042C M S H S MundakayamA12912899.22KottayamKanjirappalli
3632014St. Antony's H S S PoonjarA12412399.19KottayamKanjirappalli
3732044St. Joseph's H S for Girls, Mundakayam A11411399.12KottayamKanjirappalli
3832030St. Dominic's B H S S KanjirappallyA19819698.99KottayamKanjirappalli
3932024St. Thomas H S S ErumelyA15715598.73KottayamKanjirappalli
4032012St. George's H S KoottickalA787798.72KottayamKanjirappalli
4132037C C M H S S, KarikkattoorA15215098.68KottayamKanjirappalli
4232064St. Mary's H S ElamgulamA656498.46KottayamKanjirappalli
4332004A M H S S KalakettyA626198.39KottayamKanjirappalli
4432038N S S H S S, KarukachalA575698.25KottayamKanjirappalli
4532001St. George H S S AruvithuraA575698.25KottayamKanjirappalli
4632068KSM BHS KarackadU555498.18KottayamKanjirappalli
4732027M T H S KanakappalamA525198.08KottayamKanjirappalli
4832020St. Ephrem's H S ChirakkadavuA14113897.87KottayamKanjirappalli
4932021St. Mary's H S UmikuppaA949297.87KottayamKanjirappalli
5032025Santhome H S KanamalaA13212896.97KottayamKanjirappalli
5132049Gracey Memorial H S ParathodeA999696.97KottayamKanjirappalli
5232056C M S H S KanamA313096.77KottayamKanjirappalli
5332075Hayathudheen High SchoolU313096.77KottayamKanjirappalli
5432028St Joseph's H S KoovappallyA595796.61KottayamKanjirappalli
5532013S M V H S S Poonjar A14714296.6KottayamKanjirappalli
5632026D B H S ErumelyA282796.43KottayamKanjirappalli
5732033Assumption H S PalampraA11711295.73KottayamKanjirappalli
5832008Govt. H S S ErattupettaG232295.65KottayamKanjirappalli
5932054St. Paul's H S VazhoorA646195.31KottayamKanjirappalli
6032058CKM H S S, KoruthoduA16315595.09KottayamKanjirappalli
6132059St. Joseph's H S KannimalaA585594.83KottayamKanjirappalli
6232065Govt. H S S PanamattamG1059994.29KottayamKanjirappalli
6332053S V R V N S S H S S , VazhoorA625893.55KottayamKanjirappalli
6432018St. Antony's H S VellikulamA615793.44KottayamKanjirappalli
6532032Petta Govt. H S, KanjirappallyG151493.33KottayamKanjirappalli
6632061Vaver Memorial H S ErumeliA555192.73KottayamKanjirappalli
6732060K.J.Chacko Memorial H. S. PulickalluA121191.67KottayamKanjirappalli
6832045Govt. V H S S MurikumvayalG1049389.42KottayamKanjirappalli
6932062Govt. H S VazhoorG272488.89KottayamKanjirappalli
7032063Govt. H S KuzhimavuG292482.76KottayamKanjirappalli
7132029Govt. H S KanjirappallyG191263.16KottayamKanjirappalli

Kerala SSLC School wise Result Kottayam District 2019

SlnoSchool CodeSchool NameSchool TypeAppearedEHSResult PercentageDistrictEdu.District
133025Mount Carmel H S S for Girls, KottayamA380380100KottayamKottayam
233003St. Mary's Girls High School, AthirampuzhaA195195100KottayamKottayam
333053S.K.M.H.S.S KumarakomA190190100KottayamKottayam
433045Baker Memorial Girls H S S, KottayamA169169100KottayamKottayam
533056St. Ephrem's H S S MannanamA166166100KottayamKottayam
633046St. Anne's G H S S KottayamA164164100KottayamKottayam
733067M G M H S PampadyA141141100KottayamKottayam
833042M T S H S S KottayamA140140100KottayamKottayam
933089I J B C G H S, ManarcadA128128100KottayamKottayam
1033024St. George's V H S S KaipuzhaA124124100KottayamKottayam
1133074Don Bosco H S PuthuppallyU121121100KottayamKottayam
1233055St. Shantal's H S MammoodA104104100KottayamKottayam
1333091Crossroads Higher Secondary School PampadyU9797100KottayamKottayam
1433043St. Joseph's C.G. H .S.S KottayamA9494100KottayamKottayam
1533010Kristu Jyoti EMHS ChethipuzhaU8585100KottayamKottayam
1633057Kuriakose Elias H S S MannanamU7878100KottayamKottayam
1733022A V H S KurichyA7676100KottayamKottayam
1833087Mattakkara High School, MattakkaraA7474100KottayamKottayam
1933041Girideepam Bethany Higher Secondary School U7373100KottayamKottayam
2033071St. Thomas H S South PampadyA6969100KottayamKottayam
2133016Govt. H S S ThrickodithanamG6868100KottayamKottayam
2233058St. Philomina's H S for Girls Arpookara A6767100KottayamKottayam
2333083Little Flower High School KanjiramattamA6767100KottayamKottayam
2433061SACRED HEART HIGH SCHOOLA6262100KottayamKottayam
2533051Govt. VHSS KumarakomG5959100KottayamKottayam
2633086St. Joseph's G H S PaippadA5454100KottayamKottayam
2733082St. Marcellina's Girls H S, NattasseryA5252100KottayamKottayam
2833012Sacred Heart High School ChanganacherryU5151100KottayamKottayam
2933079M G E M H S S NjaliakuzhyU4949100KottayamKottayam
3033019Govt. H SS KurichyG4545100KottayamKottayam
3133077Govt. H S S ThottakkadG4141100KottayamKottayam
3233034Govt. V H S S NattakomG3636100KottayamKottayam
3333006N S S E M H S PerunnaU3434100KottayamKottayam
3433084M.C. V H S S, ArpookaraG3131100KottayamKottayam
3533048G. H S S KudamaloorG3030100KottayamKottayam
3633075Govt. V H S S ThrikothamangalamG2929100KottayamKottayam
3733028N S S H S S Karapuzha, KottayamA2626100KottayamKottayam
3833044S H Mount H S S KottayamA2626100KottayamKottayam
3933035C M S H S OlessaA2424100KottayamKottayam
4033052G H S S Chengalam G2121100KottayamKottayam
4133015Govt. Model H SS ChanganacherryG2020100KottayamKottayam
4233017St. Antony's H S ChengalamA2020100KottayamKottayam
4333069G.H.S. MeenadomG1818100KottayamKottayam
4433085GHS KaripoothittaG1818100KottayamKottayam
4533092Govt. H.S. VadavathurG1818100KottayamKottayam
4633001N S S High School AnickaduA1818100KottayamKottayam
4733047St. Thomas Girls H S Puthenangady, KottayamA1818100KottayamKottayam
4833020St. MM GHS KurichyA1616100KottayamKottayam
4933039Govt. V.H.S.S KothalaG1515100KottayamKottayam
5033030Govt. H S S KarapuzhaG1414100KottayamKottayam
5133018St. Thomas H S ChingavanamA1414100KottayamKottayam
5233060GHS AreeparampuG1313100KottayamKottayam
5333011Govt. H S S VadakkekaraG1212100KottayamKottayam
5433059St. Mary's H S ManarcadA1010100KottayamKottayam
5533094Govt. School for the Blind Olassa Kottayam G99100KottayamKottayam
5633090Govt. VHSS VazhappallyG88100KottayamKottayam
5733027Govt. Model H S S kottayamG77100KottayamKottayam
5833068Govt. H S S PampadyG66100KottayamKottayam
5933008Govt. HSS PaippadG55100KottayamKottayam
6033076St. Thomas H S ThottakadA44100KottayamKottayam
6133013St. Anne's GHS, ChanganacherryA22722699.56KottayamKottayam
6233080St. Teresa's H S S VazhappallyA22222199.55KottayamKottayam
6333004St. Aloysius H S S AthirampuzhaA16616599.4KottayamKottayam
6433014St. Joseph's GHS, ChanganacheryA26726599.25KottayamKottayam
6533032S N D P H S S Kiliroor A10410399.04KottayamKottayam
6633037M D S H S S KottayamA46746298.93KottayamKottayam
6733054St. Peter's H S S KurumpanadomA24324098.77KottayamKottayam
6833021Ithithanam High School Ithithanam, MalakunnamA16115998.76KottayamKottayam
6933023N S S H S ChingavanamA15715598.73KottayamKottayam
7033007N S S GHS PerunnaA565598.21KottayamKottayam
7133062P E M H S ThiruvanchoorA515098.04KottayamKottayam
7233066C M S H S PallomA989697.96KottayamKottayam
7333050Holy Family H S ParampuzhaA767497.37KottayamKottayam
7433070B I G H S PallamA10710497.2KottayamKottayam
7533036High School ParippuA1019897.03KottayamKottayam
7633009SB H S S , ChanganacherryA36735697KottayamKottayam
7733033C M S C H S S KottayamA12412096.77KottayamKottayam
7833073Govt. B H S S PuthuppallyG252496KottayamKottayam
7933005N S S H S for Boys PerunnaA19518795.9KottayamKottayam
8033026St. Aloysius H S ManalumkalA464495.65KottayamKottayam
8133065Amrita High School MoolavattomA11410995.61KottayamKottayam
8233038Sree Vidyadhi Raja H S KottayamU212095.24KottayamKottayam
8333002St. Thomas H S AnickaduA12511995.2KottayamKottayam
8433072St. George's G.V H S S PuthuppallyG191894.74KottayamKottayam
8533064M G M N S S H S S LakkattoorA18317394.54KottayamKottayam
8633081P T M G H S S VelloorG181794.44KottayamKottayam
8733063St. Joseph's H. S MattakaraA656193.85KottayamKottayam
8833040H F H S S KottayamA635993.65KottayamKottayam
8933049D V V H S S KumaranalloorA15014093.33KottayamKottayam
9033031S V G V P H S KiliroorA403792.5KottayamKottayam
9133078J M H S S VakathanamA11510591.3KottayamKottayam
9233088N S S H S KothalaA898191.01KottayamKottayam

Kerala SSLC School wise Result Kaduthuruthi District 2019

SlnoSchool CodeSchool NameSchool TypeAppearedEHSResult PercentageDistrictEdu.District
145006St. Little Teresa's Girls' H S S VaikomA234234100KottayamKaduthuruthi
245054St. Anne's H S S KurianadA196196100KottayamKaduthuruthi
345028St. Thomas H S KallaraA196196100KottayamKaduthuruthi
445012St. Mary's H S VallakomA156156100KottayamKaduthuruthi
545050St. Mary's GHS KuravilangadA156156100KottayamKaduthuruthi
645024St. Agnes' High School, MuttuchiraA149149100KottayamKaduthuruthi
745034Emmanuel's H S S KothanalloorA148148100KottayamKaduthuruthi
845001St. Michael's H S S KudavechoorA147147100KottayamKaduthuruthi
945015AJJM GGHSS ThalayolaparambuG118118100KottayamKaduthuruthi
1045022St. Michael's H S S KaduthuruthyA105105100KottayamKaduthuruthi
1145053VBSN H S S NeezhoorA9494100KottayamKaduthuruthi
1245018Rev. Fr. GM V H S S, KarikodeA8080100KottayamKaduthuruthi
1345023Holy Ghost Boys H S, MuttuchiraA7171100KottayamKaduthuruthi
1445013Infant Jesus H S VadayarA6767100KottayamKaduthuruthi
1545052De Paul E M H S S , Nazareth HillU6262100KottayamKaduthuruthi
1645019Govt. V H S S PeruvaG5959100KottayamKaduthuruthi
1745032Govt. V H S S KanakkaryG5656100KottayamKaduthuruthi
1845009Govt. Girls H S S VaikomG5454100KottayamKaduthuruthi
1945008Govt. H S S for Boys VaikomG5454100KottayamKaduthuruthi
2045029St. Xavier's V H S S KuruppantharaA5252100KottayamKaduthuruthi
2145005Govt. H S S T V PuramG3737100KottayamKaduthuruthi
2245004N S S H S VechoorA3030100KottayamKaduthuruthi
2345055St. George EMHS ThalayolaparambuU2626100KottayamKaduthuruthi
2445033St. John's H S KanjirathanamA2626100KottayamKaduthuruthi
2545026H.S AyamkudyA2424100KottayamKaduthuruthi
2645030Govt. H S ManjoorG2121100KottayamKaduthuruthi
2745045Govt. H S S KadappoorG1919100KottayamKaduthuruthi
2845025N S S H S KattampakA1818100KottayamKaduthuruthi
2945014Govt. V H S S , ThalayolaparambuG1818100KottayamKaduthuruthi
3045046Govt. V H S S VayalaG1818100KottayamKaduthuruthi
3145021Govt. V H S S KaduthuruthyG1717100KottayamKaduthuruthi
3245020Govt HSS PeruvaG1515100KottayamKaduthuruthi
3345031V K V M N S S HS ManjoorA1212100KottayamKaduthuruthi
3445010Govt. V H S S Vaikom WestG1111100KottayamKaduthuruthi
3545016VHSS BrahmamangalamA15915899.37KottayamKaduthuruthi
3645007S M S N V H S S VaikomA28127999.29KottayamKaduthuruthi
3745051St. Mary's H S S, KuravilangadA10210199.02KottayamKaduthuruthi
3845017KMHS MevelloorA535298.11KottayamKaduthuruthi
3945027S.M.V. N.S.S. H.S.S KallaraA888596.59KottayamKaduthuruthi
4045002Govt. D V H S S VechoorG999494.95KottayamKaduthuruthi
4145011Govt. H S S KulasekharamangalamG605185KottayamKaduthuruthi
4245003Govt. H S VechoorG332575.76KottayamKaduthuruthi

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