Kerala SSLC Results 2017 - School Codes and School Wise Results - Alappuzha District

By | May 3, 2017

Kerala SSLC School Wise results Alappuzha District: SSLC Results 2017 are available on 4th May 2017. The educational Minister Prof C Ravindranath will announce the results on the press conference at Thiruvananthapuram. Students from Kerala can check their SSLC results 2017 after the official release of Department of Education.


Kerala SSLC School Wise results Alappuzha District

IT School website releases Kerala SSLC School Wise results Alappuzha District. To get the results school wise we need the school code in Kerala Educational System. The school codes are given below. results.itschool.gov.in will release the School wise results.

Kerala SSLC Results 2017 School Wise results Alappuzha District

Schools in Alappuzha Educational District SSLC Result 2017

SlnoSchool CodeSchool NameSchool TypeAppearedEHSDistrictEdu.District
135006St. Joseph's G.H.S.S., AlappuzhaA404404AlappuzhaAlappuzha
235052MIH S PoomkavuA288288AlappuzhaAlappuzha
335036N S S H S S KaruvattaA221221AlappuzhaAlappuzha
435003S D V G H S AlappuzhaA183183AlappuzhaAlappuzha
535015St. Antony's GHS , AlappuzhaA177177AlappuzhaAlappuzha
635048K. K. K. V. M. H .S , PothappallyA125125AlappuzhaAlappuzha
735005St. Mary's H S VattalA117117AlappuzhaAlappuzha
835016Carmel Academy H S S AlappuzhaU113113AlappuzhaAlappuzha
935025C.K. H S CheppadA109109AlappuzhaAlappuzha
1035019K.K.K.P.M.G.H.S. AmbalapuzhaG8787AlappuzhaAlappuzha
1135027Govt. B.H.S.S. HaripadG8282AlappuzhaAlappuzha
1235014Govt. G.H.S.S. AlappuzhaG8282AlappuzhaAlappuzha
1335064Govt. High School NaluchiraG8080AlappuzhaAlappuzha
1435022Govt. V H S S AryadG6767AlappuzhaAlappuzha
1535061Govt. H SS ValiazheekalG6262AlappuzhaAlappuzha
1635053N S S GHS, KaruvattaA5555AlappuzhaAlappuzha
1735045K V Sanskrit H S S MuthukulamA5454AlappuzhaAlappuzha
1835035S N D P H S MahadevikadA5353AlappuzhaAlappuzha
1935062MRS PunnapraG3434AlappuzhaAlappuzha
2035007Govt. Mohn Boys H S S AlappuzhaG3333AlappuzhaAlappuzha

Schools in Cherthala Educational District SSLC Result 2017

SlnoSchool CodeSchool NameSchool TypeAppearedEHSDistrictEdu.District
134025St. Mary's Girls HS CherthalaA368368AlappuzhaCherthala
234038Holy Family HSS , Muttam,A287287AlappuzhaCherthala
334016A B V H S S MuhammaA232232AlappuzhaCherthala
434031S.C.U Govt. V H S S PattanakadG224224AlappuzhaCherthala
534013Govt. D V H S S CharamangalamG162162AlappuzhaCherthala
634035St. Theresa's H S ManappuramA129129AlappuzhaCherthala
734010St. George's H S ThankeyA106106AlappuzhaCherthala
834036Govt. H S S ChandiroorG9999AlappuzhaCherthala
934039V R V M Govt. HSS VayalarG9898AlappuzhaCherthala
1034033Govt. H S ThevarvattomG3838AlappuzhaCherthala
1134002GRFTH & VHSS ArthunkalG1010AlappuzhaCherthala

Schools in Mavelikkara Educational District SSLC Result 2017

SlnoSchool CodeSchool NameSchool TypeAppearedEHSDistrictEdu.District
136007St. Anne's GHSS ChengannurA221221AlappuzhaMavelikkara
236011High School ChettikulangaraA166166AlappuzhaMavelikkara
336028Govt. Girls H S S , MavelikaraG150150AlappuzhaMavelikkara
436009D.B.H.S. CheriyanadA129129AlappuzhaMavelikkara
536004N S S H S KurathikadA9999AlappuzhaMavelikkara
636017S K V H S KuttemperoorA8181AlappuzhaMavelikkara
736042MSS HS ThazhakaraA7777AlappuzhaMavelikkara
836047Govt. Girls HSS KayamkulamG7171AlappuzhaMavelikkara
936032J.M. H.S. KodukulanjiA6565AlappuzhaMavelikkara
1036059N S S H S PullikkanakkuA6262AlappuzhaMavelikkara
1136072S.N. Trust H.S.S. CheriyanadA6161AlappuzhaMavelikkara
1236003C M S H S KattanamA5959AlappuzhaMavelikkara
1336068Sree Bhuvaneswari H S S MannarU5959AlappuzhaMavelikkara
1436018S.N.D.P Sanskrit H.S. VallikunnamA5353AlappuzhaMavelikkara
1536060Captain NPPMV H S S KattachiraA5252AlappuzhaMavelikkara
1636054High School KoypallikaranmaA5151AlappuzhaMavelikkara
1736030Govt. V H S S MulakuzhaG4545AlappuzhaMavelikkara
1836071KIT English HS KareelakulangaraU4242AlappuzhaMavelikkara
1936029Bishop Moore E.M.H.S.S. MavelikkaraA4040AlappuzhaMavelikkara
2036073Govt. Muhammedans H. S. KollakadavuG3737AlappuzhaMavelikkara
2136023Govt. H. S.S BudhanoorG3737AlappuzhaMavelikkara
2236069Ebenezer EMHS, KallisseryU3535AlappuzhaMavelikkara
2336036Govt. H S PayyanalloorG3232AlappuzhaMavelikkara
2436066Govt. H. S. S. ThiruvanvandoorG2828AlappuzhaMavelikkara
2536063Govt. H S S Angadical SouthG2727AlappuzhaMavelikkara
2636064Govt. H S PuliyoorG2222AlappuzhaMavelikkara
2736061H.S. Edappon, AyiranikudiA2222AlappuzhaMavelikkara
2836062L.M. H S VenmonyA2121AlappuzhaMavelikkara
2936067V H S S KallisseryA1717AlappuzhaMavelikkara
3036001Govt. H.S.S., AlaG1616AlappuzhaMavelikkara
3136019Govt. H S S KunnamG1515AlappuzhaMavelikkara
3236005Govt. Boys H.S. ChengannurG1313AlappuzhaMavelikkara
3336014N S S H S EdanadA1313AlappuzhaMavelikkara
3436025Govt. V H S S MavelikkaraG1111AlappuzhaMavelikkara
3536020Govt. V H S S EravankaraG1010AlappuzhaMavelikkara

Schools in Kuttanad Educational District SSLC Result 2017

SlnoSchool CodeSchool NameSchool TypeAppearedEHSDistrictEdu.District
146047St. Joseph's H S S PulincunnooA212212AlappuzhaKuttanad
246024St. Mary's H S S ChampakulamA206206AlappuzhaKuttanad
346062St. Aloysius H S S EdathuaA112112AlappuzhaKuttanad
446057N S H S S NedumudyA109109AlappuzhaKuttanad
546075St. Mary's Girls H S EdathuaA8383AlappuzhaKuttanad
646039A J John Memorial H S KainadyA8282AlappuzhaKuttanad
746031S N D P H S S KuttamangalamA7979AlappuzhaKuttanad
846017K K Kumara Pillai Smaraka Govt. H S KarumadyG7474AlappuzhaKuttanad
946056Holy Family Girls H S KainakaryA6565AlappuzhaKuttanad
1046023B B M H S VaisyambhagomA6060AlappuzhaKuttanad
1146037N S S H S KavalamA5959AlappuzhaKuttanad
1246069Govt. H S S KidangaraG5656AlappuzhaKuttanad
1346074St. Thomas EM H S S NeerattupuramU5151AlappuzhaKuttanad
1446032Devamatha H S ChennamkaryA3030AlappuzhaKuttanad
1546042A T Govt. V H S S MoncompuG2525AlappuzhaKuttanad
1646067Govt. H.S KodupunnaG2424AlappuzhaKuttanad
1746070N S S H S VeliyanaduA2323AlappuzhaKuttanad
1846064M T S H S for Girls AnaprampalA2323AlappuzhaKuttanad
1946066N S S H S S RamankaryA2222AlappuzhaKuttanad
2046073T M T H S ThalavadyA2121AlappuzhaKuttanad
2146060G H S KuppappuramG1818AlappuzhaKuttanad
2246033D V High School KandankaryA1818AlappuzhaKuttanad
2346072C M S H S ThalavadyA1717AlappuzhaKuttanad
2446043Govt. H S ThekkekaraG1616AlappuzhaKuttanad

Kerala SSLC Results 2016 School Wise results Alappuzha District

Schools in Alappuzha Educational District

School CodeSchool NameTypeStudents in SSLC 2016Students PassedPercentage of SuccessDistrictEducational District
35052MIH S PoomkavuA341341100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35054M.K.A.M.H.S. PallanaA176176100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35051St. Thomas H.S. ThumpolyA143143100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35044V H S S MuthukulamA140140100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35016Carmel Academy H S S AlappuzhaU111111100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35035S N D P H S MahadevikadA9696100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35019K.K.K.P.M.G.H.S. AmbalapuzhaG9090100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35053N S S GHS, KaruvattaA8888100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35061Govt. H SS ValiazheekalG7676100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35009Govt. Mohn GHSS AlappuzhaG6464100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35063S.N. Trust H.S.S PallippadA6161100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35007Govt. Mohn Boys H S S AlappuzhaG5252100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35045K V Sanskrit H S S MuthukulamA4848100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35014Govt. G.H.S.S. AlappuzhaG4242100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35062MRS PunnapraG3333100AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35006St. Joseph's G.H.S.S., AlappuzhaA41040999.76AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35018Govt. Model H S S AmbalapuzhaG19819799.49AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35029Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School HaripadG19519499.49AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35015St. Antony's GHS , AlappuzhaA17417399.43AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35026Naduvattom V H S SA17016999.41AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35005St. Mary's H S VattalA14214199.3AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35046B B G H S NangiarkulangaraA28228099.29AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35028Govt. H S S AyaparampuG13913899.28AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35064Govt. High School NaluchiraG10310299.03AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35002St. Michael's H S ThathampallyA20320199.01AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35025C.K. H S CheppadA989798.98AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35027Govt. B.H.S.S. HaripadG949398.94AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35050HSS ThiruvampadyA18117998.9AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35010St. Joseph's H S PunnapraA24524298.78AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35022Govt. V H S S AryadG797898.73AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35059Govt. H S VeeyapuramG706998.57AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35004Leo XIII H S S AlappuzhaA33132698.49AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35048K. K. K. V. M. H .S , PothappallyA12712598.43AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35011Govt. H S ParavoorG12612498.41AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35001S D V B H S S AlappuzhaA17917698.32AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35003S D V G H S AlappuzhaA16816598.21AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35013T D H S S AlappuzhaA27627097.83AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35020S N M H S S PurakkadA27426797.45AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35008Lajnathul Moh. H S S AlappuzhaA15615297.44AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35012H S S Aravukad PunnapraA40939897.31AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35055Lutheran H.S., South AryadA21220697.17AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35036N S S H S S KaruvattaA21921296.8AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35021G.H.S. KakkazhomA33332196.4AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35034St. Thomas H S KarthikappallyA31330196.17AlappuzhaAlappuzha
35041Govt. H S MangalamG24823695.16AlappuzhaAlappuzha

Schools in Cherthala Educational District

School CodeSchool NameTypeStudents in SSLC 2016Students PassedPercentage of SuccessDistrictEducational District
34025St. Mary's Girls HS CherthalaA346346100AlappuzhaCherthala
34046MTHS MuhammaA285285100AlappuzhaCherthala
34016A B V H S S MuhammaA210210100AlappuzhaCherthala
34031S.C.U Govt. V H S S PattanakadG186186100AlappuzhaCherthala
34030St. Michael's H S KavilA146146100AlappuzhaCherthala
34023S N M Govt. Boys H S S, CherthalaG141141100AlappuzhaCherthala
34041S C S HS, ValamangalamA124124100AlappuzhaCherthala
34010St. George's H S ThankeyA119119100AlappuzhaCherthala
34047S.N Trust HSS SN PuramA113113100AlappuzhaCherthala
34036Govt. H S S ChandiroorG112112100AlappuzhaCherthala
34003St. Augustine's H S MararikulamA105105100AlappuzhaCherthala
34039V R V M Govt. HSS VayalarG103103100AlappuzhaCherthala
34042St. Antony's HS, KokkamangalamA101101100AlappuzhaCherthala
34018Govt. V V H S S KodamthuruthG9898100AlappuzhaCherthala
34012Girl's H S KanichukulangaraA9797100AlappuzhaCherthala
34026S M S JHS ThycattuserryA7272100AlappuzhaCherthala
34022Govt. H S S PerumpalamG7171100AlappuzhaCherthala
34015St. Mathew's H S KannankaraA6969100AlappuzhaCherthala
34019Govt. Skt. H S CharamangalamG6464100AlappuzhaCherthala
34014Our Lady of Mercy H S S AroorU5858100AlappuzhaCherthala
34027PSHS, PallippuramA5050100AlappuzhaCherthala
34033Govt. H S ThevarvattomG4040100AlappuzhaCherthala
34005Govt. H S AroorG2626100AlappuzhaCherthala
34002GRFTH & VHSS ArthunkalG55100AlappuzhaCherthala
34001S.F.A. H S S ArthunkalA35435399.72AlappuzhaCherthala
34008HF H S S KattoorA20320299.51AlappuzhaCherthala
34028T D H S S ThuravoorA38137999.48AlappuzhaCherthala
34035St. Theresa's H S ManappuramA16516499.39AlappuzhaCherthala
34011V H S S KanichukulangaraA15815799.37AlappuzhaCherthala
34013Govt. D V H S S CharamangalamG15815799.37AlappuzhaCherthala
34037St. Raphael's HS, EzhupunnaA30530399.34AlappuzhaCherthala
34009H S S KandamangalamA25024899.2AlappuzhaCherthala
34040G S M M Govt. H S S, S L PuramG10910899.08AlappuzhaCherthala
34038Holy Family HSS , Muttam,A28528298.95AlappuzhaCherthala
34007Govt. H S PollathaiG888798.86AlappuzhaCherthala
34024Govt. Girls HSS CherthalaG32331998.76AlappuzhaCherthala
34029St. Sebastian's H S PallithodeA16015898.75AlappuzhaCherthala
34017E C E K Union H S KuthiathodeA11911798.32AlappuzhaCherthala
34034S N H S S SreekandeswaramA38637998.19AlappuzhaCherthala
34032GHSS ThirunalloorG15915698.11AlappuzhaCherthala
34043Govt. H S S ThanneermukkomG535298.11AlappuzhaCherthala
34020N S S H S S PanavallyA15615297.44AlappuzhaCherthala
34021VJH S S Nadvath NagarA37436497.33AlappuzhaCherthala
34006Govt. H S S KalavoorG21621097.22AlappuzhaCherthala
34004St. Augustine's H S S AroorA29728595.96AlappuzhaCherthala
34044Govt. H S MannancherryG32330594.43AlappuzhaCherthala
34045Cherthala South Govt. HSSG1079084.11AlappuzhaCherthala
Kerala SSLC School Wise results Alappuzha District

Kerala SSLC School Wise results Alappuzha District

Schools in Kuttanad Educational District

School CodeSchool NameTypeStudents in SSLC 2016Students PassedPercentage of SuccessDistrictEducational District
46047St. Joseph's H S S PulincunnooA220220100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46062St. Aloysius H S S EdathuaA138138100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46068St. Xavier's H S MithrakaryA105105100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46057N S H S S NedumudyA9797100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46038Little Flower H S KavalamA9696100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46075St. Mary's Girls H S EdathuaA8686100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46056Holy Family Girls H S KainakaryA7979100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46017Govt. H S KarumadyG7878100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46037N S S H S KavalamA7575100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46063Lourdes Matha H S S PachaA7575100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46031S N D P H S S KuttamangalamA7373100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46039A J John Memorial H S KainadyA6666100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46030St. Mary's H S KainakaryA6161100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46040N S S H S EaraA5151100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46071Govt. V H S S ThalavadyG5050100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46032Devamatha H S ChennamkaryA4242100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46074St. Thomas EM H S S NeerattupuramU4141100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46069Govt. H S S KidangaraG3434100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46066N S S H S S RamankaryA3232100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46064M T S H S for Girls AnaprampalA3030100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46033D V High School KandankaryA2828100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46067Govt. H.S KodupunnaG2424100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46073T M T H S ThalavadyA2323100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46042A T Govt. V H S S MoncompuG2121100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46070N S S H S VeliyanaduA1616100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46043Govt. H S ThekkekaraG1414100AlappuzhaKuttanad
46024St. Mary's H S S ChampakulamA20920899.52AlappuzhaKuttanad
46058L F G High School PulincunnooA17817598.31AlappuzhaKuttanad
46023B B M H S VaisyambhagomA535298.11AlappuzhaKuttanad
46065St. George's H S S MuttarA969497.92AlappuzhaKuttanad
46049D B H S S ThakazhyA18517996.76AlappuzhaKuttanad
46060G H S KuppappuramG272696.3AlappuzhaKuttanad
46072C M S H S ThalavadyA242291.67AlappuzhaKuttanad

Schools in Mavelikkara Educational District

School CodeSchool NameTypeStudents in SSLC 2016Students PassedPercentage of SuccessDistrictEducational District
36007St. Anne's GHSS ChengannurA207207100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36011High School ChettikulangaraA177177100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36052Kopparethu H S PuthiavilaA134134100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36028Govt. Girls H S S , MavelikaraG129129100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36044T. M. Varghese Memorial H S VettiyarA128128100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36009D.B.H.S. CheriyanadA124124100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36055V S S H S KoipallikaranmaA123123100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36031S.H.V.H.S. KarakkadA122122100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36012Mahathma Girls H.S. ChennithalaA110110100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36017S K V H S KuttemperoorA9898100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36042MSS HS ThazhakaraA9494100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36059N S S H S PullikkanakkuA8080100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36068Sree Bhuvaneswari H S S MannarU6969100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36038N S S H S KudassanadA6868100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36032J.M. H.S. KodukulanjiA5555100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36054High School KoypallikaranmaA5454100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36018S.N.D.P Sanskrit H.S. VallikunnamA5353100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36072S.N. Trust H.S.S. CheriyanadA5252100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36049S K V H S PathiyoorA5151100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36071KIT English HS KareelakulangaraU4747100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36023Govt. H. S.S BudhanoorG4646100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36069Ebenezer EMHS, KallisseryU4646100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36060Captain NPPMV H S S KattachiraA4343100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36063Govt. H S S Angadical SouthG3434100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36073Govt. Muhammedans H. S. KollakadavuG3434100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36029Bishop Moore E.M.H.S.S. MavelikkaraA2929100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36061H.S. Edappon, AyiranikudiA2929100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36066Govt. H. S. S. ThiruvanvandoorG2929100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36039Govt. S.V.H.S.S. KudassanadG2222100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36062L.M. H S VenmonyA2121100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36064Govt. H S PuliyoorG2121100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36067V H S S KallisseryA2121100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36001Govt. H.S.S., AlaG1515100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36006Govt.Girls V H SS ChengannurG1414100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36019Govt. H S S KunnamG1414100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36020Govt. V H S S EravankaraG1414100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36014N S S H S EdanadA1313100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36025Govt. V H S S MavelikkaraG1313100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36005Govt. Boys H.S. ChengannurG1010100AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36002Pope Pius XI H S S BharanikavuA33133099.7AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36041M.H.S.S. PuthencavuA18218199.45AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36046St. Mary's G.H.S.S. KayamkulamA32031899.38AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36016A.G.R.M HSS, VallikunnamA15815799.37AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36065Govt. H S S RamapuramG15515499.35AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36010S.V.H.S. CheriyanadA15315299.35AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36015K.K.M G V H S S ElippakulamG14614599.32AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36048S.V.H.S. KayamkulamA14214199.3AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36043M.T.H.S.S. VenmonyA13913899.28AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36045Govt. Boys H.S.S. KayamkulamG12512499.2AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36004N S S H S KurathikadA11711699.15AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36033Padanilam H S S NooranadA11411399.12AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36013Govt. V H S S ChunakaraG18418298.91AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36037C B M H S NooranadA39539098.73AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36040S.V. H.S, PandanadA21621398.61AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36036Govt. H S PayyanalloorG585798.28AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36070P.K.K.S.M. H.S.S. KayamkulamA585798.28AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36008Mahathma Boys HS ChennithalaA11511398.26AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36035V V H S S ThamarakulamA44543798.2AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36034VHSS ChathiyaraA19118797.91AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36026B.H. H S S MavelikaraA23723297.89AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36024St. John's H S S MattomA39938997.49AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36056R.V.S.M.H.S.S. PrayarA27526897.45AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36047Govt. Girls HSS KayamkulamG787697.44AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36050Panchayat H.S. PathiyoorA11611397.41AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36003C M S H S KattanamA737197.26AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36058V.M.H.S. KrishnapuramA10610397.17AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36057C M S H S PuthuppallyA676597.01AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36022N.S. Girls H S MannarA17917396.65AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36021N.S. Boys H S S MannarA18718096.26AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36053N R P M H S S KayamkulamA14914395.97AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36030Govt. V H S S MulakuzhaG575494.74AlappuzhaMavelikkara
36051M S M H S S KayamkulamA14713893.88AlappuzhaMavelikkara

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